Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez takes on Fire Union Board Member in a lively debate

On Tuesday, October 9, Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez passionately represented Secure San Antonio’s Future in a debate focusing on Propositions A, B, and C, which will appear on the November 6 ballot.

Watch the video above or Click HERE to view the full debate.

Throughout the hour-long event, both Richard and his opponent Stephen Moody, a San Antonio Professional Firefighters Union board member, were asked to provide real-life examples of the effects each of the propositions would have on our city.

In discussing the consequences of Proposition A, which would expand the referendum process, Richard pointed out that our city would become fractured and neighborhoods would be battling neighborhoods for the basic services they need. He also explained the ramifications of the loss of the city’s AAA bond rating and the danger of giving power to special interest groups. He mentioned the possibility of potential zoning issues throughout the city and the reduction of city services and increased taxes that would result if voters do not Vote NO.

When debating over Proposition B, which would set term limits and a salary cap for the city manager, Richard acknowledged that the City Manager’s job is difficult and pay should be commensurate with experience. He also pointed out that our City Manager manages 13,000 employees and works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to run the seventh largest, and arguably the best run, city in the country. To continue on a trajectory of success, we must be able to attract the best talent possible to run our city in the future, and putting limits on the salary and tenure of the City Manager would result in us having to hire future city managers who are underqualified.

Finally, Richard argued that Proposition C, which allows the Firefighters’ Union to unilaterally force binding arbitration, is dangerous, because it opens the door to the special interests of the Fire Union. They will have the sole choice of when to go to binding arbitration, forcing us to place our fate in the hands of a third party with no regard for our city budget or any of our city services.

Today, our city is well run by the individuals we elected to represent us, but should these propositions pass, it will set our city back 50 years. Simply put, we will pay more in taxes for fewer services, our community will be more divisive, we will attract less-qualified talent to run our city, and we give the decision making process to the Firefighters’ Union. We urge you to Go Vote No, and share the message with everyone in your network. For more information on the Go Vote No campaign, please visit

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