Mayor Nirenberg and former Mayors unite to defeat Props A, B & C

With Election Day just four days away, it is more important than ever that the San Antonio business community and advocates for the Go Vote No campaign band together to educate as many people as possible about the detrimental effects of Propositions A, B, and C. To this end, Secure San Antonio’s Future held a press conference on Monday, where Mayor Nirenberg and a group of former San Antonio Mayors announced a united effort to defeat the city charter amendments. The campaign also released a commercial featuring Mayor Nirenberg and former Mayors Lila Cockrell, Henry Cisneros, Ed Garza, Phil Hardberger, and Julian Castro.

During the press conference, each of the Mayors, who were backed by a group of political and business leaders, discussed their objections to Propositions A, B, and C and how the propositions stand to limit economic growth and jeopardize the future of our city.

Today is the last day of early voting, and Tuesday is Election Day, so now more than ever, we need your help. Before we run out of time, make sure you:

  1. Encourage your employees and co-workers to vote for the candidate of their choice.
  2. Download the Go Vote No Employer Toolkit, and share it with everyone you know.
  3. Show your commitment to the future of our city by voting NO on Propositions A, B, and C.

For more information on voting in Bexar County or to view a sample ballot, visit the Bexar County Elections website.

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