Chamber hosts Women’s Bureau Meeting

As 2018 came to an end, the Chamber’s Military Affairs Council remained active and engaged to ensure continued success for its 2019 Military Affairs initiatives, placing focus on supporting local Military Spouses. On December 20, the Chamber hosted the United States Department of Labor Women’s Bureau and fifteen spouses, representing a variety of branches of service, for a small round-table session. This private forum provided the opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges Military Spouses face. Conversation focused on Transition Assistance Programs that our Military Service Members and Spouses attend as they exit Active Duty service.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Director of the Women’s Bureau, Dr. Patricia Greene, and her team, to visit with spouses who live and work in San Antonio. Attendees discussed how to cross the boundaries of the installations, provide more opportunities for Military Spouses to network off base, and partner with already successful Civilian resources for transition, employment, and family support. Collectively, the guests agreed that all of these initiatives are the keys to advancing the needs of our Military Families.

“It was an honor to be at the table with representatives from the Department of Labor to focus on the important work of military spouse employment. The data repeatedly tells us that when military spouses are employed in meaningful work it increases military retention and readiness rates and alleviates some of the strain that comes with transitioning to the civilian sector – when the military member chooses to leave military service or retires,” said Erin Kaberline, military spouse volunteer and Owner of Kaberline Communications.

For more than 90 years, the Women’s Bureau has been meeting its mandate of supporting working women by: identifying, researching and analyzing the topics that affect working women; pioneering innovative policies and programs to address them; and enhancing public education and outreach efforts to raise awareness on key issues and developments affecting women in the workforce. To meet the needs of our Military, the Bureau also has a special directorate focused on Military Spouses, seeking input on finding meaningful employment, updating Certifications and Licensing, as well as finding quality childcare and meeting the needs of the families.

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