Texas District 125 Election Results

Two candidates vying for the Texas House District 125 seat are heading for a runoff election. Tuesday was Election Day and a total of 6, 215 ballots were cast, a mere 6% of registered voters in the district. After mail-in ballots were counted, the Bexar County Elections office announced that Fred Rangel (R) and Ray Lopez (D) will head to a runoff election. Governor Abbott has not set a date for the election, but many anticipate it will be in early March.

Rangel was the only Republican running for the seat and came out on top securing 38% of the votes. The four Democrats split the other 62% of the votes. Below are the results:

  1. Fred Rangel (R) 38%
  2. Ray Lopez (D) 19.5%
  3. Coda Rayo-Garza (D) 19%
  4. Art Reyna (D) 17%
  5. Steve Huerta (D) 6.5%

The Chamber will work to schedule a forum or debate where both candidates can share their positions on critical economic issues facing our region. Stay tuned for an official date and time.

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