Chamber Joins Statewide Coalition in Austin to Launch Compact on Immigration

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce joined more than 75 companies and chambers across the state in signing the Texas Compact on Immigration. Last week, Lisa Marie Gomez, Vice President of Education and Workforce Development, visited state-elected officials at the Texas Capitol with other signatories to advocate for common-sense immigration reforms that strengthen our economy and attract talent and business to the state. The Chamber has been a long-time proponent of harnessing the strength immigrants contribute to our economy, educational attainment goals, and workforce needs.

The Texas Compact on Immigration was initiated through the New American Economy’s (NAE) establishment of the Texans for Economic Growth, a coalition of business leaders and associations that recognizes the critical role immigrants play in driving economic growth in the state as workers, business owners, taxpayers, and consumers.

Last Tuesday, the message to state lawmakers was about reinforcing the state’s long history of embracing immigrants and leading the nation in practical immigration policies, such as extending in-state tuition to all students who meet certain residency and other requirements, regardless of their immigration status. Under the leadership of then-Governor Rick Perry, HB 1403 granted eligibility for in-state tuition at public colleges and universities to all students residing in the state for a minimum of three years before graduating from a Texas high school.  Since then, thousands of students have attended and completed their degrees and as a result have contributed tens of billions of dollars to the Texas economy.  According NAE’s research each class of HB 1403 graduates adds $397.8M to the state economy directly through their increased earnings and indirectly through additional tax revenue.

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