Texas House District 125 Election Results

Tuesday was Election Day in San Antonio for those living in Texas House District 125. Former Councilman Ray Lopez (D) defeated Fred Rangel (R) with 58% of the vote.

Representative-elect Lopez had a strong lead since early voting and maintained it all the way up to Election Day. A total of 9,107 ballots were cast, a mere 9% of eligible voters.

Lopez will serve on the House Committee on Defense & Veterans’ Affairs and Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. The Chamber will meet with Lopez as soon as possible to brief him on our top legislative priorities. We strongly believe the relationship between the business community and our elected leaders is essential for economic prosperity in San Antonio.

If you are interested in hearing more about Lopez’s position on issues that matter most to the business community, check out the candidate forum hosted by your chamber last week on Facebook Live.

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