Cyber Industry Council/CyberSecurity San Antonio Meeting Convenes at InnoTech

On Wednesday, April 3, your Chamber’s Cyber Industry Council convened at the Norris Conference Center during the InnoTech conference. Chaired by Jarrett Cravey of Accenture, this month’s agenda included briefings from the FBI San Antonio field office, and the UTSA SBDC International Trade Center.

Nearly 80 people gathered to discuss the five core focus areas of the CyberSecurity San Antonio program: talent and workforce development, global engagement, innovation and economic development, military and government affairs, and sustainability. San Antonio is unique in its efforts to convene, connect, and brand its cybersecurity ecosystem with the sole mission of strengthening our nation’s cybersecurity posture and contributing to national security.

One of the federal partners at the forefront of combating foreign and domestic cyber threats in San Antonio is the FBI’s field office. San Antonio has the second largest cybersecurity industry in the nation, after Washington, D.C. Protecting the personal information, financial safety, and digital hardware of every individual and entity’s devices is a priority for federal law enforcement both here and across the country.

Individuals are advised to use the Internet and digital tools available to them in a responsible manner to avoid credit card fraud, identity theft, and malicious harm from hackers. Businesses can prevent data breaches and proactively protect their networks by establishing cyber incident response plans.

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