Creating a Culture of Curiosity: CyberSecurity San Antonio/Cyber Industry Council convenes for monthly meeting

Hosted by the Ella Austin Community Center on the east side of San Antonio, the Cyber Industry Council gathered for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 1. On the agenda: a federal partner briefing, a recap from a Los Angeles cyber tour, a demo from a Build Sec Foundry company, a call to action around the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), and a tour of the on-site Hallmark University CyberForce Prime classroom.

Chaired by Jarrett Cravey of Accenture, the meeting began with a National Security Agency (NSA) overview. During the presentation, one phrase stood out to the crowd: A culture of curiosity.  Creating a culture of curiosity is key to preparing, recruiting, retaining, and expanding the nation’s cybersecurity workforce. Here in San Antonio, “NSA/CSS Texas conducts worldwide signals intelligence, cyberspace operations, and cybersecurity operations to ensure integrity and availability of mission and computer systems” (NSA website). Highly skilled professionals of all ages and backgrounds are critical to our national security. To do business with NSA, visit this page, and to see open positions, click here.

Home of the second largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals in the United States, CyberSecurity San Antonio (CSSAtx) leverages a deep pool of expertise to innovate, unite, and strategize. Out of this talented region, companies like rectify are born.  President and Founding Member Melissa Unsell-Smith provided a quick pitch and demo of rectify, which offers “de-identification technology that uses AI to automatically find and remove personal identifiers in data sets being shared with third parties (rectify website). Rectify excels at helping its clients manage their time, and avert fines. Redact up to 100 pages today at

Additional updates included a #TeamSanAntonio recap of a recent trip to Los Angeles to learn more about the Los Angeles Cyber Lab. SAWorks encouraged employers to hire a high school intern before the summer deadline passes them by. SAHA! (San Antonio Hackers Association) invited the group to its monthly meetings, and reminded folks to stop by BSidesSATX on Saturday, June 8 at St. Mary’s University. CyberTexas Foundation reminded professionals to give back to the community and volunteer as mentors with local CyberPatriot teams.

Housed in the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the CyberSecurity San Antonio program (CSSAtx) convenes, connects, and brands the cybersecurity ecosystem of San Antonio. Founded as a public-private partnership between the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, and industry partners, CSSAtx convenes a 300-member council on a monthly basis. In collaboration with highly engaged stakeholders, CSSAtx connects and brands the community through five core focus areas: military and government affairs, innovation and economic development, talent and workforce development, global engagement, and sustainability. CSSAtx is the lead convener and brand manager for the region’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

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