Strickland Family brings fudge passion to Rivercenter

Back in 1978, young Tim Strickland was at the Atlanta Gift Market trade show with his big sister Jennifer and their parents, Stan and Pam. The family was at the show hoping to find some items for The Cotton Bale, their gift shop back home on historic River Street in Savannah, Georgia. Tim, who could be quite insistent in spite of his tender age of 11, stumbled upon a fudge pot and begged his parents to put it in the store. His parents finally agreed, and, a week later, on St. Patrick’s Day, Jennifer made the first batch of chocolate mint fudge. The fudge sold like crazy, and it soon became obvious that candy was much more popular than knick-knacks and Christmas ornaments. Six months later, River Street Sweets became a full-fledged candy store.

With a combined history of 100 years of candy making experience, the Strickland family has made the south synonymous with gourmet southern sweets. Whether it be their World Famous Pralines, saltwater taffy, crunchy, hand stretched peanut brittle, or homemade pecan pies, their made-from-scratch southern delicacies are known worldwide.

Fast forward to 2019 and River Street Sweets has opened their most recent addition right here in “River City” San Antonio! The shop recently celebrated its opening in April, with a San Antonio Chamber ribbon cutting in the Shops at Rivercenter, downtown.

River Street Sweets’ recent donation to the King Antonio Reception at the San Antonio Chamber office was a great hit and served the attendees with notice that they plan to “stick” around for a long time to come!

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