San Antonio Business Community Opposes New Tariffs

Today San Antonio Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Richard Perez joined the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce CEO Cristina Aldrete in sending a letter to President Trump opposing the 5 percent tariffs on Mexican goods scheduled to go into effect Monday, June 10. The tariffs—a response to the influx of migrants across the southern U.S. border—would increase up to 25 percent by October 1 if migration is not significantly reduced.

The United States and Mexican governments have been in negotiations this week to find a resolution to the immigration issue and halt the proposed tariffs, which are an unnecessary tax on American businesses and consumers. The economies of Texas and Mexico have long been interwoven through complex supply chains. The recent removal of tariffs on aluminum and steel were a step in the right direction as we advocate for the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The window for Congress passing legislation to implement the new agreement is closing as we approach elections in Canada and the United States.

We will continue to work with our partners in San Antonio and Texas to demonstrate the impact that barriers to free trade have on our community. Richard and the CEOs of the Metro 8 chambers of commerce sent letters to the President and federal agencies earlier this week encouraging quick resolution to these issues.

For information on the USMCA or the proposed tariffs, contact Belinda Garza Hartwig, Vice President of Economic Development, at or 210-229-2199.

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