San Antonio’s Cybersecurity, Healthcare and Bioscience, and Military Communities Unite to Brief General John “Mike” Murray from Army Futures Command

Home of the second largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals in the United States, San Antonio leaders from across the ecosystem welcomed General John “Mike” Murray from Army Futures Command for the General’s first visit to Military City USA.

Army Futures Command’s mission is “to offer innovators an opportunity in developing their ideas and technologies to advance Army Futures Command’s drive to protect tomorrow.” Headquartered in Austin, Texas, General Murray is the first four-star general in the U.S. Army located west of the Mississippi River. In order to secure Army Futures Command in Austin, both the San Antonio and Austin mayors, as well as the San Antonio and Austin Chambers of Commerce, collaborated as a mega-region – and continue to do so today. The mega region’s public-private partnerships are critical to national security, particularly in cybersecurity, rapid innovation, and military medicine.

More than 1 in 6 people employed in San Antonio work in the healthcare and bioscience industry, prompting the day to kick off in the medical center. Beginning with an overview of UT Health San Antonio and a discussion around life science cross-sector collaboration, the agenda also included a panel at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and a briefing on the UT San Antonio (UTSA) National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC). The NSCC provided technology demonstrations, and federal and industry partner insights, including augmented reality and virtual reality for military cyber and health applications, deployable cyber fly away kits, and insider threat and cyber operations.

During the afternoon at the NSCC, Chamber vice president for cybersecurity Amanda Keammerer presented an overview of the CyberSecurity San Antonio program, including its organizational structure, annual objectives, and key public-private partnerships.

The Army Futures Command believes that tomorrow is worth protecting, and the mega region of San Antonio and Austin could not agree more. The region stands ready to assist with current and future needs, and ensure that the warfighter is fully equipped with the right solution at the right time.

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