Letter from the President

Dear members,

Last week, the Dobson Family announced the sale of their majority stake in Whataburger to BDT Capital Partners, a merchant bank that advises and invests in family and founder-led companies. This sale has raised concerns with Whataburger fans in Texas, who fear the food they love may drop in quality or change as a result of the new partnership.

These fears are unfounded.

There is no doubt that an incredible standard of quality has been set and maintained during Whataburger’s 69 years as a family-owned business, but we are confident that the Whataburger you know and love will remain the Whataburger you know and love.

BDT has a reputation of being hands-off and retaining the likable qualities of the companies they acquire, and they will be key in providing strategic vision and long-term growth capital to the tenured Whataburger leadership team. Whataburger patrons should not expect any significant changes to be made to the menu, ingredients, or quality of their meals.

For San Antonio, who is fortunate enough to claim Whataburger’s home office, we consider this news to be a win. Whataburger has made it clear they intend to stay headquartered in the most logical place for their distribution, which is our city, as well as promising to not only keep the same key personnel, but also already promoting many of them to new, key roles within the company.

Even if the food and leadership remain the same, new ownership may still not sit right with some folks, who claim that Whataburger is a Texan exclusive enterprise. The truth is Whataburger currently operates in 10 different states, with the largest number residing in Texas of course. There’s no reason to believe that will ever change, and the sensation of Whataburger’s menu arriving in new states and cities, expanding the company, adding new jobs in both San Antonio and across the country, and sharing the love of the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit or #1 with cheese with new consumers is an exciting possibility.

The Chamber of Commerce welcomes the good news and is absolutely thrilled to see what is in store for one of the greatest Texas icons of the last 69 years.

Richard Perez, President & CEO

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