Chamber celebrates City Manager Erik Walsh’s first 100 days in office

To celebrate Erik Walsh’s first 100 days as City Manager, your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon and conversation, moderated by KSAT’s very own Isis Romero.

The program kicked off with discussion about his vision and top priorities as San Antonio’s 20th City Manager. Walsh began by speaking on the importance of facilitating better communication. “There is no finish line when it comes to communication, whether it is in your professional or personal life,” Walsh said. “With 12,000 employees and 40 different lines of business, communication is instrumental in an organization this large.”

Since taking the oath, four things have been his focus. His first priority is customer service. Whether you are working at the airport or at the Alamodome, Walsh stressed that customer service is vital to all departments because they are providing services to residents of San Antonio. Second, he wants to focus on employees who are all tax paying citizens. Third, Walsh wants the city to remain financially fit. He reminded the audience that he is required to present a balanced budget that addresses the top priorities of the Mayor and City Council. Fourth, he wants certain elements of the city to a better job at communicating data.

Isis Romero followed up with a question about the upcoming 2020 budget and some of the priorities within it. Walsh applauded the Mayor and City Council for addressing the financial constraints the city will face with next budget cycle. He mentioned some top priorities within the budget are affordable housing, property tax relief, funding for domestic violence, and transportation. Walsh touted the City of San Antonio’s strong management and is confident that his staff will be able to create a balanced budget that incorporates City Councils priorities.

The conversation concluded with discussion about the recent Status of Women Report and the stark pay gap between women of color and white men. Walsh stated that the city is doing more in the equity department to address the gap. “Each of you in this room play a role in the report and closing the gap,” Walsh said. He urged business leaders in the room to go online an read the report. You can click here to read the full report.

Checkout our Facebook Live video to learn more about Walsh’s view on the current fire union contract negotiations, paid sick leave ordinance, homestead exemption, and more during the full interview. To view photos of the event, click here.

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