CyberSecurity San Antonio Welcomes International Delegation from the Philippines

Home of the second largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals in the United States, San Antonio is a magnet for international visitors seeking to learn about the region’s ecosystem and strengthen their country’s cybersecurity posture. Through the U.S. Department of State and the San Antonio Council for International Visitors, your Chamber hosted a delegation from the Philippines for a project entitled “Sustaining Cybersecurity” on Friday, June 21.

Convened by the Chamber, representatives from the business community joined several members of the delegation to discuss public-private partnerships, academic resources on cybersecurity, public policy and legislation, and economic development opportunities.  The conversation focused on key cybersecurity issues affecting all organizations:

  • How do you budget for IT modernization and cybersecurity needs?
  • What does the prioritization process look like?
  • What kind of legislation fosters economic growth and which policies hamper innovation?
  • Where do organizations source their talent, and how do you maintain knowledge in an ever-evolving field?

With representatives from Cyber Checkmate Consultants, IPSecure, and Chamber staff, the delegation received a briefing centered on CyberSecurity  San Antonio’s role as the lead convener and brand manager for the region’s ecosystem.  From its five core focus areas to its relationships with local, state, federal, and global government leaders, the delegation learned how San Antonio harnesses its collective expertise to contribute to national security.

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