My Brother’s Keeper compact promises better future for young men of color

The Chamber continues to demonstrate our commitment to increasing educational attainment and student success by signing a compact with UP Partnership’s My Brother’s Keeper San Antonio (MBKSA). This compact is a pledge to dedicate time, talent, and resources toward the MBKSA goal of removing barriers to safety, education, and career success for Boys and Young Men Of Color (BYMOC).

UP Partnership and the MBKSA Alliance seek to improve social outcomes by organizing cross-sector groups of partners to transform inefficient, fragmented systems. Launched nationally in 2014, My Brother’s Keeper aims to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and to ensure all youth can reach their full potential. The MBKSA Alliance focuses on building safe and supportive communities for BYMOC where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity and economic mobility.

MBKSA’s recently refined focus is on evidence-based strategies that will reduce punitive school discipline practices and policies through whole school restorative justice and build bridges across post-secondary mentoring programs.

The Compact strives to have a collective impact on increasing the number of children of color that achieve an education beyond high school. This is something our community has struggled with in the past. The college graduation rate of Hispanic males born between 1978-1983 is 15%. The college graduation rate of African-American/Black males born between 1978-1983 is 18%. This is concerning because men of color make up roughly 37% of San Antonio’s general population. The Chamber’s work with MBKSA Alliance to keep improving education for our youth in order to create a diverse and intelligent workforce for our community.

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