Chairman Rep. John Zerwas announces retirement

This week, the Texas House of Representatives bid farewell to a very powerful legislator, Rep. John Zerwas (TX-28), Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, only two months into the interim. Charged with writing the budget each biennium, the Appropriations Committee is considered by some to be the most powerful committee in the House. Many of Zerwas’ colleagues in the House saw him as the go-to Representative on budget and health issues. Zerwas was a member of the Legislative Budget Board,  past chairman of the House Committee on Higher Education, and a past member of the House Committee on Public Health.

Despite the uncertainty about who will take the helm and lead the powerful House Appropriations Committee, work for the 87th legislative session has already begun.  Your Chamber of Commerce worked tirelessly during the Texas 86th Legislative Session to ensure bills that aligned with the Chamber’s state legislative agenda made it to the Governor’s desk. Chamber staff has spent time this summer analyzing all the bills signed into law and determining how they will impact our members. Our analysis will help lay the groundwork for developing interim charges. In the coming weeks, Chamber staff will begin working with various Chamber members and legislators to develop and submit interim charges to both the House and Senate. Interim charges will focus on helping San Antonio and the entire state create a strong environment for job creation and business growth.

Your Chamber believes that the state’s responsible investment in education, infrastructure, and healthcare, combined with policies and programs that encourage job creation and capital investment, will sustain the state’s proven success in economic growth and the vitality of its communities.

We will work closely with our Bexar County Delegation to ensure the Chamber’s legislative priorities remain at the forefront during the interim.

If you have any questions about interim charges or legislative priorities, please contact Stephanie Reyes, Vice President of Public Policy at or by phone at 210-229-2162.

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