Complete Count Committee unveils new branding ahead of 2020 Census campaign

The San Antonio Bexar County Complete Count Committee met this week to unveil the new Count Me In logo and marketing strategy to make sure every resident in Bexar County completes the 2020 Census.

Business and Labor subcommittee co-chairs Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez and San Antonio Chinese American Citizens Alliance President Kin Hui presented their outreach strategy to engage the business community and encourage them to take part in educating their employees about the importance of completing the 2020 Census.

Part of the outreach strategy includes your Chamber launching a website with a toolkit of resources to be shared with employers and made available to their employees. The San Antonio AFL-CIO Council also plans on using a “train-the–trainer” approach to reach Union members at meetings, which has the potential to reach 60,000 – 70,000 members.

The census informs the distribution of over $675 billion in federal funding for the cornerstones of economic growth including infrastructure, healthcare, education, and workforce training. According to a George Washington University study by Dr. Andrew Reamer report, in fiscal year 2016 Texas received $59.4 billion through 55 federal spending programs guided by data from the 2010 Census. An undercount of Texas’ population by even 1% in 2020 could result in a $300 million loss of federal funding.

The meeting was a great way to share tactics and get a more detailed view of the great work being done in the subcommittees. For more information about the 2020 Census or how to get involved, click here.

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