Statement from the Chamber on Lila Cockrell’s passing

The San Antonio Chamber and the entire business community are deeply saddened by the news of Mayor Lila Cockrell’s passing. Lila was a true leader with political smarts and fortitude, grit, insight, and most of all, a loving heart for all things San Antonio.  She was truly a blessing for our City. Her contributions to San Antonio are vast and impressive, and her vision helped prepare us for the city and success we see today. Her long-term vision for our City began our still active quest for securing and diversifying our water and energy future; led to the initiation of our recruiting corporations for job opportunities for our citizens; launched HemisFair, which put us on the national and international map; and nurtured San Antonio’s inclusive environment, where people from diverse backgrounds and different political views come together to do what is best for our beloved city. Simply said, Lila put San Antonio on the map and developed the blueprint for today’s success.  She left us with a parting love letter to the City she called home: Love Deeper Than a River, which is a wonderful window into her amazing journey. Her passion and love for all things San Antonio was evident and inspirational, and our City is indeed a better place because of the leadership, work, and vision.

Richard Perez, President and CEO

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

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