Chamber’s Stephanie Reyes joins SAWS Rate Advisory Committee

The SAWS Board of Trustees appointed the Chamber’s Vice President of Public Policy Stephanie Reyes to the Rate Advisory Committee (RAC) this week. The RAC is a special purpose advisory group that provides input to the Board of Trustees and SAWS staff on the cost of service and rate design study. RAC objectives include assisting SAWS staff in establishment and prioritization of pricing objectives, reviewing and analyzing results of the cost of service study performed by their rate consultant, and providing input regarding potential changes to the existing rate and fee structure.

Earlier this summer, SAWS requested nominations from each City Council member, neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce, and business associations.  SAWS was committed to appointing individuals that represent all facets of the SAWS customer base (e.g. Residential, Inside/Outside City Limits, Multi-family, Commercial, Recycle, Affordability).  Stephanie was the only Chamber of Commerce representative appointed to serve on the RAC.  Her work at the Chamber overseeing the Water Committee and Public Policy Council, as well as her prior experience as Assistant City Manager in Brownsville — a city that also has a municipally owned water utility — make her the ideal candidate to serve on the RAC.

The RAC is comprised of 20 members and is being chaired by Frances Gonzalez, San Antonio Area Program Officer for Asset Funders Network. RAC members include:

Council District                 RAC Nominee                                   Customer Representation

1                                              Alex Birnel                                           Residential/Affordability

2                                              Velma Willoughby-Kemp              Residential

3                                              Steven Wurgler                                 Residential

4                                              Genevieve Trinidad                         Residential/Multi-family

5                                              Daniel Meza                                       Residential

6                                              Ramiro Cabrera                                 Residential

7                                              James Smyle                                      Residential/Affordability

8                                              Patricia Wallace                                Residential

9                                              Joseph Yakubik                                 Residential

10                                           Raine Tanner                                     Residential


RAC Nominee                   Nominating Group                          Customer Representation

Tamara Benavides           SA Hotel & Lodging Assn               Commercial–Hotel & Lodging

Mike Chapline                   SAWS staff                                          Residential–Outside City Limits

Andy Diaz                            PACE Neighborhood Assn             Residential

Victoria Keeler                  SA Apartment Assn                         Commercial –Multi-family

Patrick Garcia                     SA Manufacturers Assn                 Commercial/Industrial

Stephen Lara                      City of Balcones Heights                Wholesale/Suburban City

Stephanie Reyes              SA Chamber of Commerce           Commercial

Steve Richmond               SA Restaurant Assn                         Commercial–Restaurants

Vance Weynand               SAWS Staff                                          Recycled Water


The RAC will have approximately 10 meetings from September 2019 through May 2020. However, additional meetings will be added, if needed. The first meeting is set for September 24 where the RAC will approve committee bylaws, review purpose and mission, and receive an introduction to SAWS and Rates 101.  A Rain to Drain Tour is also tentatively scheduled for October 26.

We understand the important role the RAC will play in determining the cost of service for our members and the residents of San Antonio.  Count on your Chamber to keep you updated on the RAC’s progress. For more information regarding the SAWS Rate Advisory Committee, contact Stephanie Reyes, VP of Public Policy at

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