TxDOT approves 2020 Unified Transportation Plan

On Thursday, September 1, the TxDOT Commission approved its 2020 Unified Transportation Plan (UTP) which includes more than $77 billion to improve safety, address congestion and connectivity, and preserve roadways for Texas drivers. Thanks for the leadership of Chairman Bruce Bugg Jr., the Alamo MPO Region will receive $1.049 billion in new funding to address severe traffic congestion in Bexar County and the surrounding region. Chairman Bugg is from San Antonio and was appointed Chairman of the TxDOT Commission on September 19, 2017. Since assuming the role, Chairman Bugg has demonstrated his strong commitment to pumping more transportation dollars into our region.

The Chamber would like to extend our appreciation to the Commission and TxDOT for supporting $829 million in funding towards the Alamo Area MPO’s top priorities: IH35 exchange, improvements to IH35 between 410 N to 410 S, and Loop 1604 and IH10 interchange. Additionally, the $150 million for improvements to Interstate 10 East from the Bexar and Guadalupe county lines to FM 465, and $70 million for improvements to U.S. Highway 90 West will help improve connectivity through the region.

The I-35 corridor has been recognized as the third-most congested area for trucks anywhere in the U.S. interstate system. The proposed improvements would continue to allow the greater Austin-San Antonio Mega Region to remain economically competitive while continuing to attract domestic and international trade partners. The Loop 1604 and Interstate 10 interchange is a vital lifeline for North and West San Antonio. The area serves as a hub for many corporations due to its proximity to subsidiary businesses in downtown, as well as the ability to traverse between East and West San Antonio significantly quicker than most other travel corridors in the city. Funding for these priority projects will indeed address severe traffic congestion in these fastest growing areas of our region.

As the City of San Antonio and its businesses continue to evolve, these key infrastructure improvements will become even more foundational to the success of this city and its citizens.

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