Chamber pens letter to Mayor and City Council with CAAP feedback

Yesterday, your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Richard Perez sent a letter to Mayor Nirenberg and City Council with feedback on the revised Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

In the letter, we thanked the City for conducting extensive community engagement since the release of the initial version of the plan and for incorporating much of the feedback provided from many and varied businesses, large and small, from within our community. It is clear the City has listened to our major concerns.

We made clear that our opposition to the CAAP has never been about opposing the concept of climate change or the science behind the issue. Our concern has always been the economic impact of going carbon neutral by 2050 and the financial burden such a change will have on businesses which employ thousands of citizens in San Antonio. The San Antonio business community understands that reasonable, thoughtful, and meaningful change is necessary. In fact, many member companies have made and continue to make significant investments and changes to their operations and products designed to improve and enhance the environment.

In addition, we expressed our support for the mitigation and adaptation strategies within the CAAP that align with current plans adopted by the San Antonio Water System, CPS Energy, and the San Antonio River Authority regarding sustainable land planning and development, conservation, flood mitigation, and resiliency. We will continue to support them as long as they center around flexibility, reliability, and most importantly affordability.

We look forward to partnering with the City around a flexible and dynamic CAAP structure that ensures San Antonio’s economic competitiveness is not compromised, but rather enhanced for our community’s long-term growth.

You can click here to view a copy of the official letter sent to the Mayor and City Council.

For questions about the Chamber’s position on CAAP please contact Stephanie Reyes, Vice President of Public Policy by email at or by phone at 210-229-2162.

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