Nine state amendments approved by voters

Tuesday was Election Day in Texas, and more than 106,000 Bexar County voters made their voices heard by approving all but one of the ten proposed constitutional amendments. Given the results, more money will be allocated to state parks, flood control projects, and Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Three of the ten amendments (propositions 5, 6, and 8) were of particular importance to improving San Antonio and the surrounding region. All three were approved.

Proposition 5 was overwhelmingly approved by 88% of voters, resulting in a dedicated revenue stream from the sporting good sales tax toward the preservation and maintenance of state parks and historic sites. The Alamo and the San Antonio Missions will benefit from the additional revenue.

63% of voters approved Proposition 6, which will double the maximum amount of bonds the state can issue on behalf of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to $6 billion. This increase will help UT Health San Antonio remain one of the country’s leading health sciences universities. In 2019, UT Health San Antonio faculty researchers received $3 million in new grants from CPRIT.

Proposition 8 was approved, with 76% of the vote, to create a flood infrastructure fund to assist in the financing of drainage, flood mitigation, and flood control projects. $793 million from the Rainy Day fund will now be transferred to the new fund to start paying for projects.

Much of the attention was on Proposition 4. The message was loud and clear – Texans do not ever want a state income tax. Just over three-fourths of the voters approved the measure, explicitly prohibiting Texas in the future from ever creating a state income tax. Your Chamber did not take a position on Proposition 4.

The only proposition rejected by voters was Proposition 1 which would have permitted a person to simultaneously hold more than one office as a municipal judge.

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