SAWS Rate Advisory Committee prioritizes pricing objectives

The SAWS Rate Advisory Committee (RAC) met this week to discuss pricing objectives to be considered in establishing a rate structure for the next five years. The RAC has held four meeting since September, the first three being briefings on the rate study process, an overview of SAWS, programs that promote affordability and the impact of the 2015 rate study recommendations.

SAWS periodically enlists the assistance of a diverse cross section of customers to review current water and wastewater rates and other SAWS fees. The mission of the RAC is to assemble a diversity of perspectives that represent our community to evaluate and advise on the water, sewer and recycled water rate structures. The Chamber’s Vice President of Public Policy Stephanie Reyes was appointed to represent the business community and has been actively engaged in the conversation to ensure that rates remain affordable and keep San Antonio competitive.

At this week’s meeting, the RAC finalized definitions of pricing objectives to be considered and completed a ranking exercise.  RAC members were tasked with prioritizing the objectives they believe are most important. The purpose was to provide a foundation to develop conceptual designs for alternative rate structure components that address as many pricing objectives as possible.

RAC members began by revisited the 2015 pricing objectives, and after extensive discussion, they made significant changes, including redefining “affordability” and adding “equity”, which will align with the City of San Antonio’s definition – accounting for the different histories, challenges, and needs of the people served. Click here to see the full list of pricing objectives definitions.

The results of the ranking exercise are not the only form of input the RAC will have in determining the pricing objectives that will ultimately guide the rate-setting process. In fact, input is strongly encouraged from you throughout the process.

The RAC will meet next on December 10 to discuss the results of the ranking exercise. Count on your Chamber to keep you updated. For more information, contact Stephanie Reyes at or by phone at 210-229-2162.

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