Energy & Sustainability Committee tours Coca-Cola plant for waste management solutions

Last Tuesday, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Energy & Sustainability Committee toured the Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages Plant right here in San Antonio. Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is a company of ArcaContinental, the third largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. They serve 31 million consumers and employ 8,500 associates across the southern region.

C. LeRoy Cavazos-Reyna, Senior Manager of Public Affairs and Communications, welcomed the committee and spoke of how Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages is committed to a world without waste. Cavazos-Reyna mentioned that they have taken steps to reduce the plastic in each bottle, make every bottle fully recyclable and balance 100% of the water they use.

On the tour, the committee witnessed firsthand the new water reclamation system designed to capture and recycle water used at the plant. To help conserve even more water, they have implemented a leak detection program and conduct weekly manual meter reading for fast identification of usage. To reduce energy consumption, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages installed LED lights in more than 50% of the plant and use ultrasound testing for air and steam leaks. The most impressive feature was the on-site recycling center where they recycle everything from wood, metal, liquid waste, and plastic. In addition to efforts at the plant, Coca-Cola has taken steps to reduce carbon emissions by transitioning 30% of their fleet to hybrid vehicles.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability efforts by some of our members contact Stephanie Reyes, Vice President of Public Policy by email at or by phone at 210-229-2162.

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