Participate in San Antonio-focused book project

Former Mayor and 2015 Chamber Chair Henry Cisneros is collaborating with Catherine Nixon Cooke on a book exploring the evolution of modern San Antonio. San Antonio, A City Transformed, to be released during the holiday season of 2020 in print and online.

The book and web presentation will analyze and assess the city’s rise to superstar status and will cover our rich history and culture and our journey to becoming one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country.  The focus will be on the people, places, and passion of our exceptional community, as well as the prospects for it.

The project will detail the public and private initiatives which have propelled this revolutionary process and anticipate the challenges that lie ahead. It will also describe the city as it is today: in the words of the people who know and love it, and in a photo journal that portrays its historic beauty and contemporary charm.

The publisher, CityInk Company, is making a copy available for each Chamber member firm at no cost. They will also supply a quantity of books for VIP newcomers and economic development purposes.

During the next 90 days, the publisher will be reserving space for organizations who would like to tell their story in the pages of this exciting publication, which will no doubt have a permanent place in the telling of the history of our city.

If you are interested in being a part of this incredible publication, please contact:

Jim Tomlinson, Executive Publisher

Urban Renaissance Books

Citylnk Company •

317-297-1010 •

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