Marsupials from SeaWorld hop in for a visit to the San Antonio Chamber

Your Chamber received a special surprise Tuesday morning when members of the SeaWorld San Antonio staff wheeled in a covered stack of cages. With the curtains drawn and the cage doors unlocked, two marsupial visitors greeted us—to overwhelming adoration.

The Chamber became the most recent recipient of the SeaWorld Animal Ambassador program. Across the city, a handpicked band of a dozen or so animals meet people on and off SeaWorld property to create close encounter opportunities between humans and rescued creatures. For this visit, SeaWorld was represented by Nurra, a wallaby, and Bradley, an opossum.

Nurra and Bradley took turns visiting with staff members, allowing for petting and photos. Both animals also enjoyed a healthy snack during the visit, as SeaWorld staff gave interesting educational factoids about both species. Although native to different continents, both wallabies and opossums are marsupials, which means they are mammals who care for their young in a pouch until they are grown enough to travel and feed on their own strength.

Now a grown adult wallaby, Nurra still enjoys being in a pouch, as Chamber staff filed into a lengthy queue to hold her in sack-like baby sling. When she wasn’t in the pouch, Nurra took a few hops around the lobby floor. Closely related to the kangaroo, wallabies subsist on grasses, vegetables, and leaves and are widely distributed across Australia.

After Nurra returned to her quarters, Bradley made his debut as the next marsupial guest of honor. A Texas native, Bradley and his brother Abrams were found near Fort Hood several years ago, hence earning their tank-inspired names. Opossums are the only marsupials native to the United States and are most prevalent in the South.

The staff had a difficult time saying goodbye to our new furry friends, but it was a visit we will never forget. We thank SeaWorld San Antonio for the unique, exotic opportunity. Our door is always open to the beautiful creatures of our community.

SeaWorld continues to be a major player in the business community of our city. We welcome newly named SeaWorld San Antonio President Byron Surrett and look forward to more exciting events from the aquatic amusement park.

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