Statement from Chamber on Fire Union Contract

As you know, your Chamber has been a leading proponent for a reasonable and fair San Antonio Fire Union Contract. Since I came on board in 2007, we have advocated for this goal both publicly and privately. The panel of three arbitrators handed down their decision yesterday, and I wanted to share the public statement that the Chamber put out regarding this news.

We are excited to see the final details of the binding arbitration between the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Union over the Fire Union’s contract. The Chamber has been encouraging the Fire Union leadership to negotiate a new contract since their most recent contract expired in late 2014.

The San Antonio Chamber has always had immense respect for our city’s firefighters, who risk their lives to keep our city and its citizens safe. At the same time, we heard the resounding call put out by our then City Manager Sheryl Sculley that the contract was financially unsustainable for our City. Our goal has always been support for a contract that is fair to the firefighters and that fits within the city’s budget. It is our understanding this contract fulfills those important pillars for fairness and financial sustainability. We applaud both sides for their participation in the process, recognize City Manager Erik Walsh for his leadership, and thank Judge Specia and the panel of arbitrators for their decision. We must now move forward as a united community to tackle the many other important issues facing our great City.

Richard Perez, President and CEO

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

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