March 10 primary update

It was Election Day for six states last Tuesday. Going in, former Vice President Joe Biden looked to keep the momentum going after his dominant Super Tuesday performance. For Senator Bernie Sanders, it was his chance to slow down Biden’s momentum.

The story of the night was Biden winning four of the six states up for grabs, bringing his total delegate count to 860, compared to Sanders 710 delegates. The magic number is 1,991, the number of delegates Sanders or Biden need to win the nomination. Biden won the Idaho, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi Democratic Primaries, while Sanders won the South Dakota Democratic Caucus. Washington State was also up for grabs, but the race is still too close to call.

After two dominant performances, Biden has become the Democratic front-runner once again. He will look to build on the momentum tomorrow with primaries taking place in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio.

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