Message from the President: Water, the Vista Ridge Pipeline Project, and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Your Chamber is excited to report on a very important milestone in our Community’s path towards water self-sufficiency. On April 15, 2020, the San Antonio Water System’s (SAWS) Vista Ridge Pipeline Project went live.

One of Chamber’s oldest and most important long-term projects has been securing the availability, sustainability, and quality of additional sources of potable water to supplement the Edwards Aquifer and thereby invalidate a sometimes insurmountable perceived obstacle to the long-term health and continued growth of our City, County and region. As a result of the work of a Cadre of thoughtful and visionary current and former Chairs of the Board of the Chamber; a hardworking and thorough group of volunteer professionals from a variety of industries singularly working on additional water sources; strong leadership from members of the SAWS Board of Trustees, their Chairs, and an expert SAWS Staff and CEO with an internal mandate to succeed; and plain hard work from the Chamber, to include work by our former long-time CEO Joe Krier, we can happily say the project is now a reality.

Your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is proud to finally see this transformational project come to fruition. Water is San Antonio’s most valuable resource when it comes to sustaining a growing, vibrant economy and a corresponding high quality of life for our residents and business community. The Vista Ridge Pipeline Project is a 142-mile long water pipeline that extends from Burleson County to San Antonio. This pipeline will supply up to an additional 50,000 acre-feet of water to the city. This volume of water is the equivalent of an estimated 20 percent of the entire city’s current water use, or roughly 162,000 additional households.

Water is the basis for San Antonio’s prosperity, and new water supplies will move the city forward for decades to come. The Vista Ridge Pipeline will generate long-term economic certainty for new and existing businesses, provide a competitive advantage for corporate relocations and boost job creation, secure military missions and grow capacity for our important military installations, allow our top-notch educational institutions to flourish, remove an impediment to the continued growth of the healthcare industry, provide a platform to grow our tourism and hospitality sectors, seed the burgeoning cyber security and cloud computing industry, and safeguard our expanding specialized manufacturing capability.

Thank you to all those who have had a role in making today’s celebration possible. Onward to the next challenge.

Richard Perez

President and CEO

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

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