Please take our survey and help us tackle workforce development challenges

As we focus our efforts as a Community on reopening our economy, we are conducting a community-wide evaluation to identify current and projected job openings in order to integrate short-term training and certification program needs and get people back to work. There is also a need to identify employer interest in offering on-the-job training (OJT) that will help to optimize job placement during and upon completion of these training and reskilling opportunities for job seekers across the city and county. With your input and the availability of federal dollars by both the City and County, we can do something real and substantial in this space.

The Alamo Community College District, under the leadership of Chancellor Mike Flores, is helping lead the effort. Dr. Flores and his Team have developed a short 5-7 minute survey designed to capture the data necessary to accurately tailor programs to needs.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and help us tackle our workforce development challenges and improve our chances at scaling training like we have never done before.

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