CPS Energy Presents Two Renewable Energy Initiatives

On Tuesday, your San Antonio Chamber of Commerce hosted Mr. Rudy D. Garza, Interim Chief Customer Engagement Officer for CPS Energy, to present two renewable energy initiatives. The first initiative is the FlexPower Bundle request for information (RFI), a major step forward to providing zero-emission resources to CPS Energy customers. The second initiative is CPS Energy’s “green tariff” program, an innovative mechanism to allow large companies to buy power from clean energy sources.

The FlexPower Bundle itself will help CPS Energy supplement and transition its 1700 MW of aging gas power plants. The bundle envisions up to 900 MW of solar power, up to 50 MW of energy storage and 500 MW of firming capacity technologies to provide around-the-clock reliability for customers.

The FlexPower Bundle journey started in 2017, when CPS Energy launched its Flexible Path, a strategy to transform the public utility to lower and non-emitting energy resources. In 2019, CPS Energy announced the FlexPower Bundle, the next step in the Flexible Path strategy to implement new power generation and delivery models that incorporate the most recent technological advancements. After input from San Antonio residents and businesses, CPS Energy sent out the FlexPower Bundle Request for Information (RFI) earlier this month to seek innovative solutions to build the RFP in 2021.

The green tariff program allows large commercial customers, especially those with sustainability plans, to purchase their own renewable energy from an alternative provider that offers solar and/or wind energy using long-term utility contracts.  CPS Energy’s primary objective is to develop a pricing structure that sufficiently recovers the cost of infrastructure through fixed charges (not volumetric charges) while also improving renewable energy access, and the green tariff accomplishes this objective. Discussion about a green tariff program began three years ago when CPS Energy launched an extensive market research effort. During this research CPS Energy discovered that green tariffs were quite common across the country.

CPS serves more than 840,000 electric and 350,000 natural-gas customer accounts, amounting to approximately 1.19 million residents. For more information about CPS Energy FlexPower Bundle RFI, visit .

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