Chamber advocates for removal of barriers to ensure accurate Census Count

San Antonio’s future depends on a successful and complete 2020 census, and your Chamber has made it a priority to ensure a complete count. Last week, we sent a letter to President Trump and Dr. Steven Dillingham, Director of the United States Census Bureau, expressing our concern over the recent change in the deadline from October 31 to September 30 and President Trump’s Memorandum on Excluding Illegal Aliens from the Appropriation Base Following the 2020 Census. These two proposals will significantly affect our community’s ability to get a complete count.

As we continue to communicate the importance of the census and urge members of our community to complete their forms, we need your help. If you have not already filled out the 2020 Census by phone, mail, or online, please take some time to do it today by visiting or calling 844-330-2020. If you have already completed your Census, join us in spreading the word to those who have not. Right now, San Antonio has a response rate of 63%, slightly ahead of Texas 60% response rate but behind the national response rate of 64.6%. It is critical that we work to increase our response rate by the rapidly approaching deadline.  

This Census is a once in a decade opportunity for you to help shape the future of our community. The Census means federal dollars and resources for our community and more representation in Congress. From the roads you drive on to the schools your children attend and police officers that patrol your neighborhood – all are directly tied to the U.S. Census.   

Civic engagement is vital to the success of our community. When people think of civic engagement right now, they are most likely thinking about voting in the November election. Voting is extremely important, but filling out the U.S. Census is equally as important. Responding to the Census is your civic duty, and your response affects your representation in government and how your community plans for the future.   

For more information about the US Census, please contact Stephanie Reyes, VP of Public Policy at or by phone at 210-229-2162. Additional resources can be found at and the Chamber’s business resource 

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