LSA Class 45 Member Spotlight: Bill Rieck

Leadership San Antonio is recognizing several exemplary members who are going above and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis. Today’s spotlight is on Citi Bank’s Bill Rieck.

How do you uniquely contribute to San Antonio (during this time)?

Contribute to charitable organizations, primarily SA Food bank and Hope Center.

I love LSA because … of the focus on making San Antonio a better place for all citizens through education and service.

How can LSA show we care and are ready to help?

Continue to make information about needs in the community available to the team.  Be sensitive to the fact that everyone is dealing with this differently and has different responsibilities, needs, and concerns that we all must respect.  We must be careful not to “shame”- even if unintentionally – people who are not able to participate in events because of work, family, or personal reasons that may not be known to everyone.

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