Monthly Cyber Council Meeting Focuses on Workforce Development Projects and Partnerships

On Wednesday, September 2, your Chamber’s Cyber Council / CyberSecurity San Antonio (CSSA) program gathered for its monthly meeting via video conference.  The Cyber Council is led by 2020 Chair Rich Valdez. Rich is the Chief Technology Officer of IPSecure, a cybersecurity company headquartered right here in San Antonio. More than 60 people gathered to discuss CSSA core focus areas and objectives, as well as a participate in a lightning round of briefings on workforce development projects and partnerships underway across the region.  Special thanks to our K12 and higher education friends who took time out of their busy schedules to join us – we are cheering for you and a successful and safe school year!

First, the group discussed the CyberSecurity San Antonio core focus areas, co-chairs, and the community’s 2020 objectives. The core focus areas include:

  • Global Engagement
  • Innovation and Economic Development
  • Military and Government Affairs
  • Talent and Workforce Development
  • Sustainability

The 2020 objectives can be shared and reviewed upon request; contact Amanda Lee Keammerer, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Director of CyberSecurity San Antonio (CSSA) at or via phone at 210-229-2113. The community’s 2020 objectives include measurable and attainable goals, such as supporting local hometown cyber conferences, coordinating and supporting the Mayor’s Cyber Advisory Group and the Cyber Initiatives Action Group, identifying and recruiting champions for K12 campuses, securing new and sustained funding sources to keep the program moving forward, and much more.

Regarding workforce development projects and partnerships, the San Antonio region has several training programs underway and many organizations are hiring. Below are quick bullets to resources for employers, job seekers, and folks interested in helping to spread the word about these resources:

Organizations who are hiring:

  • USAA:
  • CACI:
  • Palo Alto College: Needs full-time computer programming faculty member. Contact Joseph Coppola at .
  • Edgewood ISD: Hiring four (4) computer technicians.
  • ESC Region 20: Hiring someone to lead cyber and STEM initiatives.
  • Alamo Colleges: Hiring Senior Advisor and an Admin position.

Organizations seeking mentors and guest speakers from the tech/cyber/IT world:

If you know or someone you know is interested in joining the cyber, tech and IT workforce, now is the time to do it! Many programs are at no cost for folks who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Please share these resources, and contact Amanda Keammerer with any programs or information that we missed: or 210-229-2113.

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