Chamber looks to beef up virtual events with new platform

For select upcoming events, the Chamber is very excited to introduce a new virtual event platform in partnership with a local business TINT by Filestack.

TINT is powered by Filestack – the world’s best content platform to curate content at scale. TINT provides marketers with an infinite stream of high-quality, curated, and authentic content and creates personalized and engaging experiences.

When you register for an event hosted on TINT’s event platform, you will register through the Chamber’s event registration portal, and on the day before the event, you will receive log-in information. When it is time to join the event, you should use the unique link you received to access the event’s entrance page, where you will confirm the information shared during the registration process (First Name, Last Name, Email). Then, presto… you are at our live event!

The event page is a custom URL website, where we will stream the event. The website offers additional sponsor recognition, with individual logos on the landing page, and even the opportunity to include digital display advertisements to further promote your brand. Another great advantage is the ability to use the same webpage to share the recorded content and collect feedback from attendees and post-event viewers. The best part is that this is all made possible by a local member business. We are excited to partner with TINT by Filestack and hope that you continue to find value as we raise your expectations for our virtual events.

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