Sponsored Content – Professional services company specializing in sustainable jobs for adults with disabilities acquires IT firm

Mavagi Enterprises, Inc., a professional service company providing career opportunities to the disabled community, announced today that they have acquired the Hawaiian IT company Communication Consulting Services, Inc. (CCSI).

Mavagi Enterprises is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer founded to find gainful employment for people with disabilities, including veterans. For close to two decades, the company has offered a variety of employment services while offering industrial customers a range of trusted custodial, stocking, and IT services as well as grounds and facility maintenance.

Established in 1989, CCSI is a single source technology systems integrator that has grown to become one of Hawaii’s most successful communications engineering companies. To date, the company has offered technical solutions ranging from customized system architecture design and network integration to facility provisioning and maintenance support for commercial, government, education, medical, and military entities.

The acquisition will allow Mavagi the opportunity to gain experience in IT in order to provide better paying jobs to individuals with disabilities while helping them develop marketable employment skills.

“We are always looking for ways to strategically grow our organization to serve more disabled Americans, and part of this has involved growing our IT solutions,” said Mavagi Enterprises CEO Raul Tintori. “Our vision with this acquisition is to help people experiencing disabilities realize their full potential by producing quality work in the IT space. Our merger with CCSI will empower us to realize this vision.”

About Mavagi Enterprises, Inc: Since 2001 Mavagi Enterprises, Inc. has been providing businesses with the unique opportunity to employ a social enterprise that offers a range of quality professional services delivered by people with disabilities. Mavagi is a fully insured and licensed enterprise servicing an array of industries, from the medical industry to Military Bases and Homeland Security. The company strives to provide meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities to people experiencing disabilities, allowing them to showcase their skills and abilities while offering them competitive wages and benefits. Learn more about Mavagi Enterprises, Inc. at

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