USAA Reaffirms support for Guard and Reserve Employees

Headquarters leadership of the Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) and Texas leaders for ESGR were proud to host USAA and community members last week as they reaffirmed their enduring commitment to support their National Guard and Reserve employees by signing an ESGR Statement of Support. Lori Stinson, Chamber Vice President of Military Affairs and Leadership Development, was honored to attend along with other guests.

ESGR also honored USAA with the Extraordinary Employer Support Award to recognize their ongoing efforts to support the unique challenges of their Guard and Reserve employees. USAA CEO, Wayne Peacock, accepted the award on behalf of the organization and renewed USAA’s Statement of Support, first signed by former CEO MG Joe Robles in 2013.The National Guard and Reserve comprise nearly 40% of the U.S. military’s end strength, and supportive employers are critical partners in maintaining their readiness and contributing to our Nation’s defense.

USAA has a long and proud history hiring, developing, retaining and protecting the benefits of veterans, especially those serving in the Guard and Reserve. USAA currently has nearly 400 employees serving in the Guard or Reserve. Taking care of military employees is part of USAA’s DNA and what makes the nearly 100-year-old association nationally recognized as not just a military friendly employer, but the “Gold Standard” for others to follow. As a 2005 ESGR Freedom Award recipient, USAA has not rested on its laurels but continues to demonstrate their continued care for Guard/Reserve employees. In 2019 USAA began providing full-time and part-time U.S.-based USAA employees serving in the Guard or Reserve up to 480 hours of full pay per calendar year. Employees activated for any reason or participating in annual training can use their USAA benefit Military Pay Supplement time off while continuing to receive their full salary. Employees activated more than 480 hours in a calendar year are eligible for pay differential.  With this new benefit, most paperwork is minimized providing a stronger and more comprehensive package of benefits for USAA employees still serving the nation.

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