The need for blood during COVID-19 is still here and higher than ever

San Antonio’s healthcare community is deeply committed to making sure we have continuous access to the highest-quality healthcare. However, recent blood supply shortages, brought on by a combination of higher usage and reduced blood drives, both a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, are leading San Antonio and Texas toward a public health crisis that is putting our hospitals, and the patients they serve, at risk.

2020 has been challenging but South Texas Blood & Tissue has done some great things along the way to ensure our access to blood remains strong. From taking multiple steps to ensure a safe and healthy donation environment, to offering antibody testing to donors, to working with Mayor Nirenberg to set up “community” blood drives, as well as receiving invaluable support from local businesses and organizations, they have worked hard to keep up our local blood supply. And despite having more than 1,000 normally scheduled blood drives cancelled this year, area clinics have collected the same amount of blood so far in 2020 as they did to this point in 2019.

Unfortunately, the demand and need for safe blood and blood products has continued to increase, and this issue is affecting people across the United States – national blood inventories are down across the country. Because blood is a perishable product, it requires a constant stream of donors to maintain supplies for hospitals and patients in need.

In support of our local blood donation center, we are once again calling upon our members, residents, and own staff to help replenish the blood supply. Employee-driven blood drives can help stem the tide of this medical emergency. Even if your team members are working remotely, as our Chamber staff are, your staff can still donate in person at their local center.

For more information and assistance  in arranging your company blood drive, please contact any of the following:

Elizabeth Waltman –, 210-731-5410

Linda Rapp –

Ginger Kolle –

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