In late August of 2020, GO Car Wash acquired eight Bee Clean Car Washes in San Antonio. Former Bee Clean owner, Bobby Nami, started his annual $2.00 Charity Towel event in 2019 where all Bee Clean locations would sell large microfiber towels for $2.00 with 100% of profits going to a local charity. Mr. Nami would let his customers nominate and vote for their favorite charity on Facebook, later donating the profits to the most voted charity at the end of the year.

Knowing about the Charity Towel and the good it brings to the San Antonio community, GO Car Wash continued the support of the charity event. “Mr. Bobbi and his team set up a great way to not only give back to the community but to interact with them by letting members of the community choose the benefiting charity. And with us coming into a new market, there is no better way to introduce ourselves to the community than by getting involved in this event,” said Sal Belfonte, Marketing Director of GO Car Wash.

This year, GO Car Wash and Bee Clean Car Wash donated $5,208 to Ransomed Life. Ransomed Life helps sexually exploited youths and survivors of child sex trafficking by providing professional counseling and mentoring for exploited youth while also providing educational awareness to the community about child sex trafficking. “At Ransomed Life, our vision is to see every exploited youth redeemed and restored. We are thankful for businesses like this who are partnering with us, one towel at a time. Each towel purchased will impact the lives of sexually exploited and trafficked youth in San Antonio,” Valinda
McAlister, Executive Director.

GO Car Wash will do a check presentation the week of January 5th at their first GO branded site located at 715 Fillmore Dr., San Antonio, TX 78251. Although GO supplies free towels for customers to use at all their locations, they will continue to support the $2.00 Charity Towel in 2021 and continue to give back to the San Antonio community.

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