Chamber Chair Hope Andrade discusses priorities with Cybersecurity Council

Hope Andrade, the 2021 Chair of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, spoke to the Cybersecurity Council during the Council’s regular March meeting. Hope discussed the priorities for the Chamber in 2021, including the economic recovery with a focus on the downtown area. She also reminded members of the Chamber’s One City initiative, where together we can recover and realize a bright future for the city. Hope praised the supportive nature of the cybersecurity ecosystem in San Antonio and reminded participants that the Chamber is ready to help the community.

Meeting the Council members for the first time was the Chamber’s new Vice President of Cybersecurity and Economic Development, Jeff Fair. Jeff said he was delighted to join the Cybersecurity Council and looked forward to working with members in the future. His plans are to reach out to members over the coming months to understand where they fit into the vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem in San Antonio and determine how to help the community recover and grow in the years ahead.

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