Chamber holds special Board meeting addressing the Alamo

The Chamber held a Special Board of Directors meeting on Thursday morning.  The focus of the Special meeting was to give our Board an update on the status of the Alamo Master Plan, delivered in part by the new Executive Director of the Alamo Trust Kate Rogers.  As you know, the Chamber has been a vocal proponent of the Alamo Master Plan and Redevelopment, helping to secure the initial $32 million from the Texas Legislature back in 2015. The plan has had a few fits and starts since then, but recent changes have put the project back on course.  Chamber Board Vice Chair Taylor Dawson, Senior Vice President Pape-Dawson Engineers, moderated the event, which started with an introduction by Welcome Wilson, Jr., Alamo Trust Board Chairman, who shared how important the Alamo is to the culture, economy, and identity of San Antonio. Taylor then introduced our two panel members Kate Rogers and Billy Moore, former Interim Executive Director of the Alamo Trust, who answered Board members’ questions about the current and future efforts surrounding the Alamo, the challenges ahead, and its impact on the surrounding downtown area.

Kate’s key message throughout the meeting was clear: The work to restore and safeguard the treasure that is the Alamo has not stopped, and in fact, is well on its way to include the conservation/restoration of the Long Barracks. While elements of the Master Plan have changed, the work on vital elements of the Alamo continue, incorporating many different aspects of the grounds and surrounding area. She finished by asking members to help tell the Alamo story, communicate its importance to the city and our community, while also sharing the work the Trust continues to do in the name of this historic landmark.

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