Post-Pandemic City Revitalization Cannot Stop Now

The last few months in San Antonio have been like night and day compared to last year. Businesses are reopening, people feel safer going out, tourists are returning to our city in droves, and the mood is livelier and more personable. We are rediscovering the things we missed out on during 2020: Our favorite restaurants, exciting attractions, and close friends and family members we have missed dearly.

Piece by piece, San Antonians are reminded just how great our city is. And, with the increase in accessibility, our city’s industries continue to move forward and return to levels not seen since early 2020. This good fortune is thanks to the residents of San Antonio, who have elected to receive their COVID-19 vaccination and continue to take common-sense steps to slow the spread of the disease.

Presently, nearly 60% of eligible Bexar County residents are fully vaccinated, with an additional 14% of eligible residents having received their first shot only, which is higher than both the state average and the national average. However, with newly discovered contagious variants and a slight rise in positive cases, we are encouraging unvaccinated residents to get their shot soon and avoid a potential resurgence.

Get vaccinated, stay safe, and help us make San Antonio the best place to live, work, and play. Together, we can do anything as One City.

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