2021-23 San Antonio City Council Committees Announced

Today, Mayor Ron Nirenberg announced the 2021-23 City Council Committees. City Council committees serve as agencies where council members can initiate and oversee the development of City policy. The mayor is charged with creating these committees and appointing their members.

This term, there are several notable changes and updates:

  • As the City continues to embrace equity in all policies, the mayor is encouraging all committees to use an equity framework to guide their work. In addition to a grounding in equity, all committees are encouraged to embrace data-informed accountability in their oversight, as well as seek expert and community feedback.
  • This term’s roster establishes a Municipal Utilities Committee, which shall oversee the implementation of programs and policies at San Antonio Water System and City Public Service, including the recommendations from the Emergency Preparedness Committee.
  • The scopes of the Culture and Neighborhood Services and the Innovation and Technology Committees have been rolled into either new or existing committees.
  • The Community Health and Equity Committee has been renamed as the Community Health, Environment and Culture Committee and will primarily focus on overseeing policies, plans and programs that affect the health and quality of life of our residents. Its scope will also include a new focus on San Antonio’s cultural, artistic, and historic heritage, which was previously addressed by the Culture and Neighborhood Services Committee.
  • The Planning and Community Development Committee will primarily focus on the ongoing implementation of the Housing Policy Framework. Its charge will also include a new focus on the implementation of the Strategic Plan to Respond to Homelessness.
  • The Transportation and Mobility Committee will continue its previous charge and will include a new emphasis on VIA, the airport and the greenway/trails system’s strategic plans.
  • The Economic and Workforce Development Committee’s new Chair, Councilman Manny Pelaez and Councilwoman Adriana Rocha-Garcia will serve as the council liaisons to the SA: Ready to Work Advisory Board. The committee will now include the charge of the past Innovation and Technology Committee.

City Council committee assignments are in effect for the next two years. The committee descriptions and rosters for each committee can be found here.

Additionally, City Council will receive a briefing from City staff regarding redistricting in September. Shortly after, the mayor intends to convene a time-limited, sub-committee to coordinate council participation in this process.

For more information, contact Stephanie Reyes, Vice President of Public Policy at 210-229-2162 or by email at

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