October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Join the Purple Porch SA Initiative

Domestic violence takes place in our nation every minute of every day, occurring just about every 15 seconds. Most Americans don’t realize just how real domestic violence is and how many lives are affected by it. Too many San Antonians are impacted by domestic violence and Bexar County has the highest rate of reported cases.

Most of these cases are left behind closed doors. That’s why the Domestic Violence Awareness Month was introduced to educate and raise that awareness and bring the support and strength that domestic violence victims need. One attempt at raising awareness is the Purple Porch SA Initiative that invites the public to shine a light on domestic violence and turn their porch lights purple.

Your Chamber is responding to the call by the Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence and joining other downtown buildings in at turning our lights purple. The public is encouraged to use the hashtag #PurpleSA or #PurplePorchSA when sharing a photo of the downtown buildings, their doorways, or porch.

Those seeking support should call Family Violence Prevention Services 24/7 hotline at 210-733-8810 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Information about the Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence is available at

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