Economic Development Council Focuses on Small Business

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Council will hold its first meeting of 2022 on January 18th at 3:00.  The meeting will focus on the state of small business and small business service organizations in San Antonio.  Following a short presentation from Leilah Powell, Executive Director for Local Initiatives Support Corporation, about how her team has begun to organize small business support in the city, the Council will convene a panel of experts to discuss where they see small businesses around the city and how best we can all assist in recovery from the pandemic.

The meeting will be held virtually via zoom and is promising to be a great discussion about future efforts in the small business space.  We look forward to seeing you and kicking-off 2022 in a meaningful way! To join the meeting, please contact Jeff Fair, Vice President of Cybersecurity and Economic Development at 210-229-2199.

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