Governor Abbott Announces Funding for Military and Community Projects

The important continued funding for the Texas Military Preparedness Commission’s (TMPC) Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grants (DEAAG) is a long-standing advocacy item for your Chamber. During the last legislative session, DEAAG was allocated $30M for a two-year distribution. Yesterday, the Commissioners met virtually and voted on the awarding of DEAAG funds for FY2022-2023. Of the 14 proposals submitted, seven were funded to benefit military communities throughout the state of Texas. DEAAG scoring is based on military value, project completion, dual military/community benefit, National Defense Strategy, new missions, resiliency, cost efficiency, significance of impact, and funding contributions.

We are excited to see that San Antonio’s proposal, which combines local dollars from three partners (City of San Antonio, San Antonio Water System, and CPS Energy), was approved and will move forward. This joint effort will support the Joint Base San Antonio Commander’s priorities for installation security and resiliency. The three phased project is valued at over $21.5M that will benefit both the San Antonio community and the military missions nearby. SAWS is committed to contribute $4.2M to provide backup power generation to two critical water production facilities at JBSA-Lackland and NSA-Texas. The City of San Antonio will allocate $538k to enhancing perimeter physical security by reinforcing fence sections at five stormwater intersections and CPS is offering $250k to replace overhead power lines with underground distribution lines in JBSA-Randolph’s Southwest Clear Zone.

All these projects help to secure our vital military missions in San Antonio and solidify the importance of collaboration and support in the surrounding communities.

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce continues to be proud to advocate and bring awareness to the ways our local communities can support Joint Base San Antonio. For ways to get involved, email Lori Stinson, VP of Military Affairs and Leadership Development, at

More details on other projects can be found here (Governor’s Press Release).


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